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Construction : Transition and Closure

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Transition & Closure
Lessons Learned
Rewards & Recognition

Transition and closure is the process of completing the project. The Transition and Closure Plan outlines the points in the project when closure activities take place, the requirements and the process steps to accomplish an efficient and effective closure.

Although transition and closure is identified as a separate step in the WSDOT project management process, managing it effectively requires the application of other steps within the WSDOT project management process:

  • Plan the Work - Development of the transition and closure plan
  • Endorse the Plan - Acceptance and approval of the plan
  • Work the Plan - Tracking and managing transition and closure activities

The resulting closure plan is an integral part of the Construction Project Management Plan. Activities such as lessons learned and rewards and recognition occur continuously throughout the project. Other activities are timed to effectively coincide with the acceptance of completed work, archiving or the demobilization of staff, resources and facilities, etc.

Identification of transition points can be aided by using the Deliverable Expectation Matrix (pdf 20KB) which provides a range of project development deliverables and the general order in which they will occur.

What gets measured gets done - Tracking and managing closure activities requires careful planning, budgeting and scheduling. All transition and closure activities must be completed before the project is deemed "complete" and the project manager is released from responsibility for the project.


  • Endorsed Project Management Plan
    • Project performance baseline - project deliverables, schedule and budget
    • Project performance plans:
    • Transition and closure plan
    • Risk management plan
    • Change management plan
    • Communication plan
    • Quality plan
  • Completed work products


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  1. Implement the Transition and Closure Plan:

    Timely closure of the contract and accuracy and completeness of the contract records are an important part of contract administration. Follow the guidance in the Construction Manual to assemble the complete contract records.

  2. Lessons Learned

    During the project closure process, hold a debriefing meeting to capture lessons learned for use on future contracts as applicable. WSDOT's Lessons Learned System provides the ability to store, search and retrieve project information and lessons learned quickly and easily. The system is a tool to support the sharing and communicating of what works and what does not for the purpose of improved project delivery.

    Review the transition and closure plan which establishes project team activities and responsibilities to document and report lessons learned throughout the life of the project. Prepare final lessons learned submittal during the transition or closure event.

    Documenting lessons learned contributes to constantly improving the management of WSDOT projects.

  3. Rewards and Recognition

    Maintaining positive energy and focus within the project team is a critical element of successful project delivery. Positive reinforcement through a project-specific rewards and recognition program is one way to develop and maintain the team's "esprit de corps" during the project. Recognition of team and individual contributions to project success at completion enhances the sense of team accomplishment and encourages positive team behavior on future projects.

    Based on performance measures established in the transition and closure plan; recognize and reward individuals and the team for exemplary performance during and at completion of the project.

    Never underestimate the power of a simple and sincere handwritten note.

  4. Archiving

    Take steps to organize files and prepare them for archiving during the course of the project. Follow the Construction Manual guidance to assemble the final contract records..


  • Project completion

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