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Endorsement is the process of obtaining commitment and/or approval of the Construction Project Management Plan (PMP). Endorsement confirms the project team members' understanding of the PMP, their role in its execution, and their specific commitment to perform their responsibilities according to the PMP.

Management endorsement indicates management's understanding of the PMP; particularly resource and schedule requirements, assumptions, risks, and issues. Management's understanding of planned resources is essential to ensure that the right resources will be available when they are needed to support completion of the project.

Participation in the PMP planning and development process will expedite the endorsement process as team members, contractors and management understand the requirements and what is expected of them. An endorsed PMP is a great tool for focusing the project team when issues arise, communicating status and agreements and quickly familiarizing new team members with the project.

Don't let the endorsement process become arduous, make it part of the work planning process, not a separate task.


  • Project Management Plan



  1. Identify the appropriate participants to endorse the project management plan. Executive Order 1032.01 (pdf 30KB) further describes endorsement responsibilities for executives and senior managers, project managers, and the project team.

    Project Team:

    The project team is comprised of all project participants needed to deliver the project. This includes contractors and other organizations or agencies.


    Management includes region or organization management such as the project manager, regional administrators, project development engineers or engineering managers, program management, the contractor and other agency managers. In addition, management includes those individuals not noted above who have responsibility and authority for resources identified in the Construction PMP.
  2. Project team members and management review the project management plan to:
    • Verify the contract documents and construction schedule.
    • Review the construction engineering workforce plan.
    • Confirm compliance with the Construction Manual, Standard Specifications and Contract Specifications.
    • Understand the expectations; including roles & responsibilities.
    • Confirm project commitments with regard to the schedule and planned value, with specific attention to variances between the:
      • Planned costs and the Work Order Authorization.
      • Planned costs and Legislative commitments.
    • Validate project specific processes to identify and manage risks, change and quality measures.
    • Understand internal and external communication methods.
    • Identify and discuss any outstanding issues.
  3. Project team members and management endorse the Construction PMP. Endorsement can take many forms, ranging from an email to a signed formal document. .

  4. The desired result is that the project team, contractor and management understand and endorse the Construction PMP, their role in its execution, and their specific commitment to perform according to the contract documents and Construction PMP.

  5. Notify all project team members and management when the Construction PMP is endorsed and set the project performance baseline.

  6. Endorsement is not a one-time occurrence for most projects. The project team should gain new endorsement when there are major changes to the project management plan-scope, schedule, budget, project team, project manager and/or management.

Before endorsing changes, ensure you understand the full impacts of the change to the project objectives and commitments.


  • Endorsed Project Management Plan

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