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Project Management Guide

This Project Management Guide includes links to tools, templates, manuals, and examples. Each project management activity is defined and offers guidance and access to samples and templates. Flow maps describe the project management processes.

Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring Closing
Process Map
(pdf 22kb)
Process Map
(pdf 109kb)
Process Map
(pdf 17kb)
Process Map
(pdf 35kb)
Process Map
(pdf 18kb
Organize team for success Develop project management plan and work plan Take action - Direct and manage work and communications Monitor deliverables, due dates, costs, and quality Prepare organized cessation activities; transition work or staff

WSDOT's project management process includes best practices, tools, and templates to provide a framework for effective management.

The WSDOT Project Management Guide (PMG) is an interactive web site that includes links to these tools and templates, links to manuals and specifications, and examples of good practice.

Activity guides provide definitions, step-by-step directions, guidelines, and access to many samples and templates for performing each step of the WSDOT project management process. Process maps describe the sequence and flow of activities within each of the five project management steps.

To access the Project Management Guide simply select the project phase, either Pre-Construction or Construction