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Master Deliverables List (MDL)

The Master Deliverables List (MDL) is a comprehensive listing of project elements.  This list is intended as a starting point for the creation of work breakdown structures (WBS) for projects.

The MDL is organized in project phases and listed down to the deliverables level. The team’s intention is to have consistently applied task names to the deliverables level (usually level 3 or 4) while leaving the remainder for flexible use by project managers and teams. The only caveat is that all tasks must roll up into the higher-level categories.

The use of this list will simplify the development of WBS for project managers and teams.  Because categories and deliverables are consistently named across the state, we will also be able to track and monitor project delivery more easily.  This will increase our ability to be accountable to the public.


2011-2013 MDL & Crosswalk  (xlsx 137kb)
2011-2013 MDL & Crosswalk (pdf 461kb)