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I-5 - North Kelso to Castle Rock Pavement Rehabilitation - Complete November 2009

This section of I-5 was showing its age through settling, cracks, and broken concrete panels. Over the years, heavy traffic rocked the panels back and forth, causing them to loosen and deteriorate. 

WSDOT has extended the life of the roadway by replacing approximately 180 concrete panels and paving this section of I-5 to provide motorists with a safer, smoother drive. In addition, this project strengthens and preserves the road surface, allowing I-5 to continue handling heavy commuter and freight traffic.

Additional safety enhancements were made on this stretch of corridor by installing guardrail throughout the length of the project.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
This project improves motorist safety and drivability with a smoother road surface.
Leaf Glyph Protects Environment
This project reduces maintenance costs and repairs to I-5 with newly rehabilitated concrete panels and freshly paved northbound lanes.
Dollar Sign Glyph Economic Incentive
This project helped support direct and indirect jobs in local communities.

Partnerships & Cooperation
WSDOT makes every effort to assess and minimize environmental impacts from our projects. A detailed analysis of the project’s environmental impacts was completed as part of the environmental documentation and environmental permitting processes.

For environmental information specific to this project, please contact Barb Aberle at (360) 905-2186, or e-mail


  • Pre-existing funds: $5.6 million
  • 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA): $8.1 million

Contact Us
Area Engineer Denys Tak
WSDOT Kelso Area Engineering Office
2400 Talley Way
Kelso, WA 98626
Phone: 360-442-1341, or toll free 1-800-545-1393


WSDOT Southwest Region
PO Box 1709
Vancouver, WA 98668-1709
Phone: 360-905-2058

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