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Noll Road Improvements - Phase 1

Noll Road Improvements - Phase I. The project limits: Hostmark St to the south end of the Poulsbo Elementary School property. The project will construct : sidewalks and bike lanes or joined/multi-use pedestrian and bicycle path depending on the location as well as it will construct associated stromwater facilities. Noll Road Improvements - Phase II. The improvement constructed in Phase I will be extended to SR 305 along a new alignment. This phase will also include road widening and/or construction of new lanes.

Why are we Building This Project?  
The project will increase SOV mobility (road widening) and will create new capacity for other transportation modes including:

  1. Pedestrian - Project will construct sidewalks and/or multi-use paths
  2. Bicycle – Project will install bike lanes

How can I get more information?

Andrzej Kasiniak 

Estimated Total Cost: $5,640,000

Amount of ARRA Funds: $246,000