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Havana Street Bridge

Project location map

Construct a four lane bridge, with sidewalks on both sides, over the railroad tracks: located on Havana Street between Broadway Avenue and Trent Avenue. This project requires relocating major sewer and water lines before bridge construction can occur.

Why are we Building This Project?
Havana Street is a minor north-south arterial serving the easterly portion of the City of Spokane.
The arterial crosses the Union Pacific railroad tracks as well as the Burlington Northern Santa-Fe main line immediately west of a major switching yard. Vehicular traffic is reduced by 50% due to trains blocking the roadway most of the day. After bridge completion it is anticipated that this route will relieve some of the traffic volume currently using the Freya street corridor, located 1/2 mile to theĀ  east of this project.

How can I get more information?

City of Spokane Construction Management
Public Information, Engineering Services