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Fish Lake Trail ($308,679 TE)

Project location map

Construct a new 12' wide trail from Milton Street 4.4 miles southwest to connect to the existing paved trail near the Cheney/Spokane Road and Sherman intersection. This project includes the rehabilitation of 5 bridges as well as a trailhead facility at Milton Street.

Why are we Building This Project?
Fish Lake Trail is only a portion of a much larger trail network crossing Washington State. The trail becomes the Columbia Plateau trail after Fish Lake and continues southwest to meet the John Wayne Trail which traverses the state and connects with trails in the Seattle area.
Ultimately Fish Lake Trail will connect to the centenial trail thereby allowing trail usesr a connection into Idaho and points west along the Spokane River.
This current phase is phase 2 of the project. Phase 3 will complete the trail to Fish Lake by paving the 2.6 miles of trail between Scribner Road and Fish lake itself . Phase 3 also includes building 2 bridges to cross over the existing active railroad lines.

How can I get more information?

Mary Verner