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First Street / Emma Street Sidewalks

Remove and replace sidewalk on west side of First Street and both sides of Emma Street. Curbs, driveway approaches, ADA ramps, and crosswalk striping where necessary.

Why are we Building This Project?
The existing sidewalk width varies between zero to eight feet and where the sidewalk does exist, it has deteriorated to a point where it is a safety hazard. Pedestrians utilize the shoulder of SR-278 to access the ball field, Town Park, and convenience store. Where traffic is parked adjacent to the Town Park, pedestrians are forced to walk in the traffic lane edge, thereby creating potential for a vehicle/pedestrian accident. When vehicles park adjacent to the Town Park, younger children are sometimes not seen by through traffic. ADA ramps are non-existent.

How can I get more information?
Steve Marsh of Thomas, Dean & Hoskins Consulting Firm