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CRP 596 R170 Landslide Area - Phase I

Phase 1 of the replacement route for R170 Road consists of constructing the south 1.1 miles. The project begins 0.2 south of the intersection of R170 Road and Klamath Road to the intersection of Klamath Road and Greenar Road. 

Why are we Building This Project?
R170 Road has been closed since May of 2006 due to a massive landslide that buried 1400 feet of R170 with 35 to 50 feet of dirt.  A detour was immediately identified using local access roads to accommodate the 1100 vehicles a day that used this major collector route that served local traffic as well as one of  north-south farm to market trips.  The detour was never constructed to accommodate the R170 traffic and and the pavement is beginning to show major sign of distress. 

How can I get more information?

Rick Miller