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County Wide Pavement Preservation

BST over gravel bushing, thin lift overlay, pre-leveling, chip seals. Gould City-Mayview, MP 2.9 to MP 9.64 Iron Springs Rd MP 0 to MP 3.27, Mountain Rd MP 0 to MP 2.44 Peola Rd MP 10.98 to MP 13.52.

Why are we Building This Project?
Allow badly needed pavement repairs that otherwise would not be able to be completed this year.  The county last year made significant cuts in level of service to the public and road users.  This additional revenue will help the county increase their level of service. 

This project will be completed by Garfield County workers with materials acquired through public bidding. This will allow the project to be completed at the lowest estimated cost and completed in the shortest possible time.

How can I get more information?

Walter G. Morgan, P.E.