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Intermodal Transit Facility - Phase 2

Intermodal Transit Facility, Phase 2 consists of improvements for public parking that include structural improvements, electrical, painting, ventilation, fire protection, and signage. These improvements are in addition to improvements provided for under Phase 1. 

Why are we Building This Project? 
The project helps to reduce burdens on the street grid system by providing up to 150 park and ride stalls for use by those wishing to take Pierce Transit and/or link to Sound Transit vehicles without having to go to Tacoma to do so. The project invests in non-motorized transportation by including facilities for bicyclers who want to ride public transit.  The facility is located conveniently to the Pierce Transit Route 2 and along the cities extensive bike paths.  The project offers greater mobility options for non single occupancy trips. 

How can I get more information?

Jack Ecklund