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68th Road Realignment and School Safety Improvement Project

Project location map

Construct roadway and intersection improvements, along with curb, gutter and sidewalk to extend 68th Avenue NW between approximately 279th Street NW and at 280th Street NW.

Why are we Building This Project?
The construction of this project will eliminate two 90 degree curves that exist in the current federal route.
It will create a substantially safer intersection between 68th Ave NW and 280th St NW, particularly for the school’s traffic (pedestrian and vehicular).
It will create needed sidewalks in front of the elementary school (including the landscape strip to provide an additional 5-foot buffer between curb and sidewalk, i.e. cars and pedestrians).
It will connect and create safe routes to the elementary school that do not currently exist.
It will create dedicated crosswalks at intersections (no mid-block crosswalks).

How can I get more information?

Andrew P. Bullington