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1st Avenue South, Phase 2A, Multi-modal Enhancements (SW 192 to SW 200) (TE)

Reconstruct SR 509/1st Ave SW between SW 192nd and SW 200th Streets in Normandy Park. Three lane cross-section, bike lanes, planting strip with lighting and street trees, and sidewalk on both sides.

Why are we Building This Project?
1st Ave, also known as SR509 is a major urban arterial connecting urban growth centers and serves as a major commercial arterial for Normandy Park.  Reconstruction of this section of 1st Avenue from SW 192d  to  SW 200th is one phase of a multi-phase project to upgrade this street to accomadate the existing and future growth in traffic.  The first phase, from SW 164th to SW 174th was completed in 2005.   This is the second phase.  The next phase (Phase III) will connect the previous two phases. 

How can I get more information?

John R. Adamson