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Lake Washington Congestion Management - Transit

Travelers now have more options for getting across the SR 520 bridge. In fall 2010 King County Metro started adding an additional 130 daily bus trips across the bridge to the 600 current trips in the SR 520 corridor, and making improvements to park-and-rides and bus stops.

Transit Service Improvements

Route Improvements

A second round of improvements went into effect February 2011, the first round of service additions hit the streets in October 2010. New routes and extended trips provide more options to commuters.

Transit improvement map in fall 2010 and 2011.
Click here for a larger map.

New bus service will provide
better connections between
the communities on both sides of Lake Washington.

Route Improvements

King County Metro

Service Improvement 

Route 255
Totem Lake-Kirkland-Downtown Seattle

Extends all peak period trips to the New Totem Lake Transit Center

Route 265
Houghton-Montlake-Downtown Seattle-First Hill

Extends route to First Hill and adds additional peak period trips

Route 271
Eastgate-Bellevue-University District 

Improves all-day frequency between Bellevue's Eastgate area and the University District

Route 255
Totem Lake-Kirkland-Downtown Seattle

Improves peak and midday frequency

Route 309
Kenmore-South Lake Union-First Hill
New weekday peak-period express service

Route 311
Woodinville-Downtown Seattle

Adds more peak period trips

Facilities Improvements

Riders will begin seeing capital improvements by June 2011 at bus stops in the SR 520 corridor. Real-time information signs will be added and bus stop facilities improved at the following locations:

• Montlake Freeway Station in Seattle
• SR 520 and 40th Street in Redmond
• SR 520 and 51st Street in Redmond 

These are in addition to improvements already completed at the Redmond Transit Center and those planned for the South Kirkland Park and Ride in 2014.

Need more help exploring your options for getting across the SR 520 bridge?

Transit Improvement Timeline

  • Summer 2009 - Redmond Park and Ride improvements.
  • Fall 2010 - New transit trips and other service improvements.
  • Spring 2011 - New transit trips and other service improvements.
  • Summer 2011 - Real time information and other bus stop improvements.
  • 2014 - South Kirkland Park and Ride improvements.