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Barker to Harvard Design Concepts

WSDOT held an open house for the Barker RD to Harvard Rd. section of the I-90 Spokane to Idaho Corridor. The open house, held April 28th, presented the following design concepts for interchanges and intersections.

Public Comment

  • WSDOT welcomes and encourages the public to provide input regarding the proposed design concepts. Comments may be submitted to the following email address: The public comment period has been extended until July 1, 2011



Click to enlarge pdf view of Barker to Harvard Overview
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  • Project will add one additional lane in each direction from the west side of Barker Rd Interchange to the Harvard Rd vicinity.
  • Existing Barker and Harvard Road Interchanges will be reconfigured to improve access to, from and across I-90.
  • Greenacres over crossing and ramps will be removed to improve mainline I-90.
  • Roadway geometrics will be improved and low bridge clearances will be eliminated within this section.
  • Portland Cement Concrete pavement will be used for the new driving surface to provide a long life with low maintenance.
  • A concrete median barrier and storm water treatment will be installed to improve safety and quality of water entering the aquifer.
  • Signing, Intellignet Transportation System (ITS), and Illumination System will be updated.
  • No major environmental issues are expected.
  • Estimated cost for design, right of way, and construction is $85 million (2011 estimate).

Barker Road Interchange Concept
Click to enlarge view pdf of Barker Interchange concept
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Barker Road Intersection Concepts
Click to enlarge view pdf of Barker Road Concepts
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Diverging Diamond
Click to enlarge view pdf of Diverging Diamond Graphic
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Harvard Road Interchange Concept #1
Click to enlarge view pdf of Harvard Interchange Concept
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This part of I-90, as it exists today, was designed and built in the early 1950’s, when Liberty Lake was home to lakeside cottages and small neighborhoods. The only change was at Harvard Road Interchange, where WSDOT added a westbound loop-style on-ramp in 2002.
The Liberty Lake area has grown, becoming one of the state’s newest cities in 2001 with more than 7,000 residents along with significant commercial and light industrial development. 

Liberty Lake Interchange Concept #2
Click to enlarge view pdf of Liberty Lake Interchange concept # 2
Click to enlarge view (pdf 927KB)
“With the large amount of growth in Liberty Lake, coupled with increased freight and commute traffic across the nearby state line, we needed to examine the current freeway system and look at ideas for the future” said Keith Metcalf, WSDOT regional administrator. “We’ve met with City of Liberty Lake and City of Spokane Valley officials, had our engineering staff do some evaluations and developed some options for the system. This meeting gives us the chance to present those ideas to the citizens and get their thoughts on what the next steps should be.”

Liberty Lake Interchange Concept #3
Click to enlarge view pdf of Liberty Lake Interchange concept # 3
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Although construction funding is not yet available, WSDOT is developing plans for the next series of improvement projects based on the recent studies, discussions with local officials and public input.

For additional information contact us at:
Darrel McCallum, Project Engineer
Washington State Department of Transportation
2714 N. Mayfair
Spokane, WA 99207
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