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I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East - Final Environmental Impact Statement

The Final Environmental Impact Statement was released to the public on August 26, 2008 and is listed by downloadable chapters below. These files are in PDF format and you must have a free copy of AdobeĀ® ReaderĀ® installed on your computer to correctly view these files. The print quality of these downloads is low and the appendix files are not downloadable due to large file size. If you wish to print a high quality version of the Final EIS or to view the appendix section, please request a free CD-rom version from the I-90 office. If you received a CD-rom during August 2008, you have the highest quality files and will not need to request another CD.                         
Cover Page
(pdf 206 KB)                                                      

Title Page
(pdf 235 KB)                                                    

Signature Page
(pdf 40 KB)

Fact Sheet (pdf 229 KB)

Table of Contents (pdf 99 KB)                        

EIS Summary (pdf 2.3 MB)

Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need (pdf 947 KB)

Chapter 2 - Alternatives Considered (pdf 2.0 MB)
Chapter 3 - Affected Environment and Consequences 
            Part 1 (pdf 2.0 MB)
            Part 2 (pdf 3.8 MB)

Chapter 4 - Mitigation Summary (pdf 361 KB)

Chapter 5 - Prgrammatic Section 4(f) Evaluation (pdf 3.2 MB)

Chapter 6 - Consultation and Coordination (pdf 251 KB)

Chapter 7 - References (pdf 150 KB)

Chapter 8 - Distribution List (pdf 158 KB)

Chapter 9 - List of Preparers/Contributors (pdf 155 KB)

Chapter 10 - Glossary (pdf 167 KB)

Index (pdf 123 KB)