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I-90 - Columbia River Vantage Bridge Painting

Start May 11, 2015, End Fall 2016
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The orange dot shows where the I-90 Vantage Bridge crosses the Columbia River between Ellensburg and Moses Lake.

Click to enlarge View entire photo-This project will clean and paint portions of the Vantage Bridge on I-90.

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-This is why we are repainting this structure.


October 2016

  • Eastbound drivers will experience delays through the week due to a single lane closure eastbound that is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to repaint the bridge.
  • For the safety of our crews and the traveling public we have installed a concrete barrier separating the eastbound lanes to provide space for our crews to work.
  • The barrier can't be removed until the project is complete this fall because the contractor needs 24/7 access behind the barrier if there is a high wind event.
  • During high winds, the containment system needs to be removed immediately so the bridge doesn't get overloaded and potentially damaged. It also takes several days to remove and install the barrier and restripe the lanes, which would ultimately add more time and potentially more money to the project.
  • For weekly updates, find out What's Happening on I-90.

This P-2 Structures Preservation Project paints the Interstate 90 Columbia River Bridge connecting Kittitas and Grant Counties.

Why is WSDOT painting the Vantage Bridge?
Originally built in 1962, the 52-year-old, half-mile long Vantage Bridge is part of the vital I-90 corridor. The bridge carries an average of 14,000 vehicles per day, 26 percent of which are trucks.

The majority of the Vantage Bridge was last painted in 1984. Since then, the protective coating on the bridge has deteriorated, exposing the steel to the weather and elements, which has resulted in rust and corrosion. Painting this bridge will preserve the bridge's structural integrity and protect the steel from future corrosion.

The portion of the truss section below the roadway was last painted in 2002 and is still in serviceable condition. This section will not be repainted under this contract.

The End Result
The steel framework of the bridge will be cleaned and repainted with a protective coating. The project will restore and revitalize this important transportation connection and prolong the life of the bridge.

Project Benefits

  • Preservation: This project helps prevent future corrosion and preserves the bridge's structural integrity.
  • Economic: This project preserves a vital trans-state transportation connection, allowing it to continue handling commuter and heavy freight traffic for years to come.

What is the project timeline?
Spring 2015 - construction begins
Fall 2016 - construction complete

Financial Information

Financial Data for PIN 509012U
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $8,603
CWA $0
Total $8,603

Funding for design and construction of this project is from  State and Federal sources.

Total funding from all sources:  $9,083,535.

The project was advertised for private contractor bids in December 2014 and bids were opened in January and on March 3, 2015, a contract for $6,711,770.00 was awarded to Abhe & Svoboda, Inc. of Jordan, MN.

How can I get more information?
Dan Lewis, Project Engineer
WSDOT North Central Region
2830 Euclid Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801-5916
Phone: (509) 667-2880 or toll free (888) 461-8816

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