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I-82 - Valley Mall Blvd Interchange - Roundabout Test Drive

Drivers from Union Gap went round and round on July 11th during a roundabout test drive in the Sears Parking lot at the Valley Mall. The test drive was part of a demonstration organized and set up by WSDOT engineers and maintenance crews.

Image of motorcycle testing roundabout
Local motorcyclist tests roundabout at Valley Mall during WSDOT Roundabout Test Drive event.

Pepsi truck test driving roundabout
Local Pepsi driver brings his truck out to test drive the roundabout.

Image of Semi truck test driving roundabout
The longest truck and trailer to test the roundabout, measuring 100 ft in length, made the turns without hitting a single traffic cone.

All types of vehicles manage to enter and exit the roundabout with ease and safety.

Image with roundabout signs
Lane usage signs are at every entrance of a roundabout, telling the drivers which lane they need to be in.

Aerial immage of three busses
Union Gap School District has three different buses test drive the roundabout.