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I-82 - South Union Gap Interchange Improvements


Summer 2015

  • This project was funded by the 2015 Connecting Washington Transportation Revenue Package.
  • Construction is scheduled to begin spring 2019.


Why is WSDOT Improving this interchange?
Thesouthern access to South Union Gap from I-82 is a partial interchange with onlya westbound off-ramp and an eastbound on-ramp. Drivers cannot access SouthUnion Gap from I-82 east and cannot access I-82 west from South Union Gap. Thisproject will provide full access by constructing a westbound on-ramp andeastbound off-ramp to provide easier access to South Union Gap and I-82.

The End Result
Two additional ramps will be constructed at the South Union Gap interchange to provide the missing westbound on-ramp from south Union Gap to I-82 and the eastbound off-ramp from I-82 to north Union Gap. The reconstructed interchange will accomodate a direct connection to the proposed east-west Beltway Connector, and reduce the number of vehicles using the Valley Mall Boulevard interchange. Improved connections to I-82 will promote economic growth and development for the cities of Union Gap and Yakima.

Project Benefits

  • Economic Vitality. Local community and business leaders targeted improving this interchange and the Valley Mall Blvd interchange as top priorities for economic growth and vitality. Improved freeway access will open up new areas for development and ease congestion for the existing areas.
  • Safety. Improving capacity for the interchanges and providing more efficient connections to the local road system will improve traffic flow, lessen conflicts, and improve safety for this busy area.

What is the project timeline?
Design, Right of Way and Construction is funded through the 2015 connecting Washington Legislation.

Construction is scheduled to begin Spring of 2020.

Financial Information

Limited funds from a 2004 federal earmark and additional funds from the latest reauthorization of the Federal Transportation bill, (SAFETEA-LU) will fund a portion of the design work.

This project is funded through the following sources:

  • Federal Funding
    Existing Federal - $3.03 million
  • State Funding
    Existing Funds - $0.12 million
  • Estimated total project cost (design, right of way, construction) - $80 - $100 million

Total funding available from all sources: $3.15 million


How can I get more information?
Kerry Grant
WSDOT Project Engineer
South Central Project Office
2809 Rudkin Rd.
Union Gap, WA 98903

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