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I-82 - Grandview to Prosser - Dowel Bar Retrofit and Concrete Rehab - Complete November 2011

Project Status - Complete
I82 Grandview to Prosser map 
The project is located in Yakima and Benton Counties on I-82 eastbound and westbound between mileposts 72.6 and 82.



This project strengthened the eastbound and westbound right lanes of I-82 and extended the service life of the pavement by installing dowel bars in the wheel paths between each concrete panel.

Crews also replaced severely cracked concrete panels, and ground the surface to improve the ride and improve traction.

WSDOT completed this project ahead of schedule and under budget.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
Crews constructed a smoother highway and improved traction. Crews also restored guardrail and pavement markings.
Dollar Sign Glyph Economic Incentive
Crews extended the service life of the pavement.

Partnerships & Cooperation
This project was constructed on existing WSDOT right-of-way; therefore, no partnerships were necessary.


Contact Us
Moe Davari, Project Engineer
WSDOT South Central Region Tri-Cities Field Office
1655 North Fowler Street
Richland, WA 99352
Phone: 509-222-2402

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