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I-5 - Reconstruct Interchange at NE 134th (Salmon Creek Interchange Project)


Oct. 2014

The Salmon Creek Interchange Project will reduce traffic congestion and improve safety in the fast-growing Salmon Creek area by constructing a new I-5 interchange at NE 139th Street, improving the I-205 northbound off-ramp to NE 134th Street, and constructing other local road improvements.

Construction will move forward in four stages.
Stage 1 - Clark County:
Grade new C-TRAN Park & Ride lot. (Complete)
Stage 2 - Clark County: Local improvements on NE 139th Street, NE Tenny Road, and new C-TRAN Park & Ride lot. (Complete)
Stage 3 - WSDOT: Add a lane to both directions of I-5 between NE 139th Street and the NE 179th Street Exit. Add a lane on the northbound I-205 off-ramp to NE 134th Street. (Under construction)
Stage 4 - WSDOT: Construct new I-5 interchange at NE 139th Street. (Under construction) 

Our Partners
The project is a joint effort between WSDOT and the Clark County Public Works Department.

Why is WSDOT collaborating with Clark County on this project?
The population in Salmon Creek has increased significantly with housing, retail, office space, a hospital, and a college campus replacing what used to be farms and open space. Today, NE 134th Street is used by all local east-west traffic across I-5 and I-205, and provides access to both freeways from the Salmon Creek area. The close proximity of traffic signals on NE 134th Street and high traffic volumes in the area create gridlock, long delays, traffic back-ups, and a high rate of automobile accidents.The Salmon Creek Interchange Project will help address these problems.

The End Result
The Salmon Creek Interchange Project provides motorists with new and improved options to safely reach their destinations. The project:

  • Constructs a new interchange and bridge crossing at I-5 and NE 139th Street that connects NE 10th Ave. with NE 20th Ave. and includes new on and off ramps.
  • Relocates northbound I-5 on-ramp entrance from 134th St. to 139th St.
  • Adds a new lane on both directions of I-5 between NE 139th Street and NE 179th Street.
  • Relocates the C-TRAN Park & Ride lot from NE 134th Street to a new location near the corner of NE 139th Street and NE 10th Avenue.
  • Adds an exit-only lane to NE 134th Street from I-205 NB resulting in a two-lane off-ramp.
  • Realigns northbound I-205 to the east at NE 139th Street to accommodate vertical clearance requirements with NE 139th Street.
  • Widens the intersection of NE 20th Ave and NE 139th St.
  • Widens NE 10th Avenue from NE 134th Street to NE 141st Street and construct a round-a-bout at intersection of NE 10th Ave. and NE 136th St.

Project Benefits

  • Congestion Relief: This project will reduce congestion and travel time at this interchange by preventing vehicles on the I-5 and I-205 off ramps at NE 134th Street from backing up on to the interstates.
  • Safety: The project will provide safety benefits to motorists and pedestrians. Without the project, it is anticipated that the traffic back up on the northbound off-ramps to NE 134th Street from both I-5 and I-205 would extend to approximately 1,000 feet. This prevents traffic from clearing the I-5 and I-205 off ramps. When the project is constructed, these back-ups will be reduced to about 300 feet. In turn, this will reduce the collision rates on the northbound off-ramp from I-5 by keeping stopped vehicles from backing up onto the freeway at the exit areas.

    What is the project timeline?

    • 1997 - 2009: Planning, preliminary design, environmental permitting and public involvement begin.
    • 2010: Environmental Assessment completed. Final design and Right-of-Way acquisition begin.
    • August 2010: Clark County begins work on the new C-TRAN Park & Ride (Stage 1).
    • March 2011: Clark County begins construction on local road improvements (Stage 2).
    • Summer 2011: WSDOT begins construction on interstate improvements (Stage 3).
    • 2012: WSDOT begins construction of new interchange at NE 139th Street (Stage 4).
    • 2014: Construction anticipated to be complete.

    Financial Information

    Secured through WSDOT:
    2003 Legislative Funding Package (Nickel Funding): $84.3 million

    Secured through Clark County:
    Road fund, impact fees and public works trust fund: $22 Million
    Federal Funding: $16 Million
    Transportation Improvement Board and Regional Mobility Grants: $11 Million

    Total Estimated Cost of the Project: $133 Million

    How can I get more information?

    Area Engineer Leon Winger
    WSDOT Vancouver Area Office
    11018 NE 51st Circle
    Vancouver, WA 98682
    Phone: 360-905-1500


    Bart Treece
    WSDOT Communications
    11018 NE 51st Circle
    Vancouver, WA 98682
    Phone: 360-905-2058
    or access our project feedback form.


    Project Engineer Jean Singer
    Clark County Department of Public Works 
    P.O. Box 9810
    Vancouver, WA 98666-9810
    Phone: 360-397-6118 ext. 4823


    Project Engineer Matt Griswold
    Clark County Department of Public Works
    P.O. Box 9810
    Vancouver, WA 98666-9810
    Phone: 360-397-6118 ext. 4372

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