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I-5 - Spokane St Interchange Vicinity - Special Bridge Repair

Project Status - Complete

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See more photos of expansion joint replacement work.

look inside an expansion joint. This gap allows theconcrete slabs to expand and contract as the temperature changes. Crews will fill this gap in with concrete and a flexible rubber strip seal.

Crews replaced 31 aging expansion joints on the Interstate 5 interchange with West Seattle and Beacon Hill, and on mainline I-5 in South Seattle. Expansion joints link together concrete bridge slabs in a way that allows the bridge to bend and flex with heavy, uneven traffic and the annual freeze/thaw cycle. Expansion joints stretch across all lanes of the highway or bridge.

Work began in January 2013 and wrapped up in early May 2013.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
New, stronger expansion joints extend the life of the roadway and are less likely to fail. Failing expansion joints can lead to collisions, emergency closures and expensive urgent repairs.

Partnerships & Cooperation


$4.5 million in pre-existing funds.

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