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I-5 Ship Canal Noise Study - Results Map

This is the fourth set of data from the noise panel pilot project. The data was gathered in October 2011 during the day. This completes one full year of testing on this noise panel project.

WSDOT acoustics specialists measured 18 locations and recorded decibel levels. They then compared the data to previously recorded decibel measurements. The number/color in the box equals the drop in decibel levels from pre-cosntruction measurements.

The green locations show the highest level of decibel improvement and the yellow locations show the lowest level of improvement. The legend on the lower right-hand side has a more detailed explanation. 

The results are not unexpected. We expected the most noticeable change closest to I-5 and closest to the panels. 

noise monitoring from November 2011

This chart shows decibel levels before, after and the change.