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I-5/SR 509 Freight and Congestion Relief Project - Team Members

The design and oversight team for the SR 509/I-5 project is comprised of a multidisciplinary partnership between WSDOT; contracted consultants; the cities of SeaTac, Des Moines and Kent; King County; the Port of Seattle; and the Federal Highway Administration.

Overall project oversight comes from the project's executive and steering committees. WSDOT completed preliminary design work in conjunction with contracted consultant HNTB, while current contract plan development work is being performed by the WSDOT project office. Right of way acquisition is managed by WSDOT Real Estate Services with support from real estate consulting firms HDR and Universal Field Services.

Executive Committee

Agency Name Position
City of SeaTac Tony Anderson Mayor
WSDOT Craig Stone Assistant Secretary, Toll Division
Port of Seattle Bill Bryant  Commissioner
Metropolitan King County Julia Patterson Councilmember
City of Des Moines Dave Kaplan Councilmember
City of Kent Suzette Cook  Mayor

Steering Committee
Agency Name Position
WSDOT John White Director of Tolled Corridor Development
City of SeaTac Tom Gut Public Works Director
Port of Seattle Elizabeth Leavitt Director of Aviation Planning and Emergency Services
Metropolitan King County Paul Takamine Department of Transportation Office of Regional Planning
City of Des Moines Grant L. Fredricks Planning, Building and Public Works Director
City of Kent Tim LaPorte Public Works Director 
City of Burien Maiya Andrews Public Works Director
City of Federal Way Richard Perez City Traffic Engineer
Federal Highway Administration Don Peterson   Design Engineer, Washington Divsion
Federal Aviation Administration Cayla Morgan Environmental Specialist
Stalion LLC Tom Dantzler Citizen

Title Name Contact info.
Assistant Secretary, Toll Division Craig Stone
Director of Tolled Corridor Development John White
Real Estate Manager Andrew Lau