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I-5/SR 509 Freight and Congestion Relief - Schedule and Funding


The SR 509 project received $30 million as part of the “Transportation Partnership Program” enacted for transportation by the 2005 Washington State Legislature. This funding will

  • Advance Preliminary Design for the initial phase.
  • Purchase select pieces of the right of way needed for the SR 509 project.
  • Fund the construction of early environmental mitigation projects, including the corridor wetland mitigation site.

In order to complete the right of way purchases, design and roadway construction, an additional $975 to $995 million of funding is needed (in future expenditure dollars).

In 2003 the SR 509 project received $35 million as part of the “Nickel Funding Package” enacted for transportation by the 2003 Washington State Legislature.  This funding has been used to:

  • Advance preliminary design.
  • Purchase select pieces of right of way.
  • Fund Marine View Drive Bridge Construction and SeaTac International Boulevard Phase IV projects.

The following schedule items represent the currently funded project milestones, beginning with the recent State and Federal approval of the I-5 and SR 509 preliminary design packages.  Projected milestone dates for the unfunded property acquisition and construction are also included, though these activities are subject to change based on future funding decisions:

Fall/Winter 2005

  • Initial submittal of Department of Ecology NPDES permit
  • Begin appraisal of properties within the north SR 509 corridor
  • Channelization Plan approval
  • Initial 30% constructability review of the draft SR 509, S. 200th St. to S. 176th St. contract plans

Uncertain due to funding

  • Acquisition of the remaining right-of-way required
  • Begin construction of first stage

These milestones will be revised to reflect completion dates, and new relevant milestones will be added as they are defined.  Please check back to review the updated project schedule, which will be updated as needed on this page.  For more detailed schedule information, please contact the project office.