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I-5 - Joe Leary Slough to Nulle Road Vicinity - Paving Design Build - Complete Fall 2012

The asphalt pavement along 12 miles of northbound I-5 between Burlington and Bellingham was breaking down. Old concrete panels beneath the asphalt caused the pavement to crack and separate. The concrete panels dated back to when the interstate was first built in the 1960s, and were paved over in the early 90s.

To permanently repair the interstate and smooth the roadway for drivers, we ground out all of the existing asphalt, repaired the concrete panels, then repaved.

We also paved all on- and off-ramps in both the north- and southbound directions of I-5 within the project limits.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
Permanently repairing the highway reduces the chance for cracks or potholes and allows the freeway to last well into the future.    
Car GlyphRelieves Congestion
Repaving the highway reduces the need for maintenance closures to repair cracks and potholes.

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Contact Us
Bronlea Mishler
1043 Goldenrod Road, Suite 101
Burlington, WA 98223
Phone: 360-757-5997

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