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I-5 - Madigan Access Improvements - Complete July 2016


November 2017

  • During July, 2016, crews working for the City of Lakewood opened the new southbound I-5 turn lane onto Berkeley Street.
  • Crews previously opened the new lane across Berkeley Street.
  • The project is functionally complete.

Why is WSDOT partnering with the City of Lakewood on improvements to the I-5 Berkeley Street overpass known as the Freedom Bridge?

The City of Lakewood received a $5.7 million grant from the Department of Defense to improve traffic circulation at Madigan Army Medical Center. This project is intended to help reduce congestion on southbound I-5 at the Berkeley Street exit in Lakewood. WSDOT is administering the project for the City of Lakewood.

The project added an additional lane at the end of the southbound I-5 exit to Berkeley Street, allowing for two left-turn lanes. The project also widened the Berkeley Street overpass (Freedom Bridge) to continue that added lane over I-5.


The End Result
Construction added one travel lane to the I-5 Berkeley Street overpass, also known as the Freedom Bridge. The southbound I-5 exit to Berkeley Street also was widened to create a second left turn lane.

Crews also improved pedestrian access with enhanced sidewalks.

Project Benefits
The widened overpass and added left turn lane will help prevent exiting traffic from backing onto mainline southbound I-5, which will reduce the potential for collisions, improve access to the Madigan area, and improve traffic flow on southbound I-5.

This project complements previous WSDOT work to create an auxiliary lane on southbound Interstate 5 between Thorne Lane and Berkeley Avenue. The auxiliary lane increases the number of southbound I-5 lanes from three to four between the two ramps, giving drivers more room to merge on and off I-5 along that busy stretch of highway.

The City of Lakewood and WSDOT partnered on this project. The goals are higher levels of safety and better mobility.

The project is one of many steps being taken by a coalition of jurisdictions along the I-5 corridor to improve traffic flow through the area.

What is the project timeline?
Spring 2015 - Bid process.
October 2015- Construction began. 
Summer 2016 - Project complete.

Financial Information

This project is funded by a $5.7 million grant awarded to the City of Lakewood from the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment.

How can I get more information?

Claudia Bingham Baker
Communications Manager
WSDOT Olympic Region
(360) 357-2789

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