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I-5 - Exit 111 - Lacey Vicinity Noise Barriers - Complete December 2011


The original construction of I-5 did not consider noise impacts. There are locations on the I-5 corridor that have been ranked by priority on a statewide retrofit list.

Since 1976, WSDOT has been required to take noise levels into consideration during design of highway projects. Highways built prior to 1976 can qualify for noise reduction projects. 

Noise barriers of varying heights were built at 14th Avenue/Thompson Place and Queets Drive in Lacey.

Find out more about noise barriers by visiting the FAQs page.

How You Benefit
Leaf Glyph Protects Environment
This project noticeably reduces noise from I-5 for the outdoor residential areas behind the noise wall. 

Partnerships & Cooperation


Financial Data for PIN 300518C, 300518D
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $4,490
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $1
Total $4,491

This project was partially funded by the City of Lacey - $915. 

Contact Us
Dennis Engel
Project Engineer

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