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I-5 pavement - University District Seattle - Project Map

The project area stretched from Northeast 117th Street near Northgate to Lakeview Boulevard East. However, crews worked on separate projects inside this five mile area.

Between Northeast 55th Street and an area just south of Roanoke Avenue, crews ground down the two right lanes. The wheel ruts in these lanes were deep. The diamond grinder smoothed the surface of the freeway uniform and even again, which makes for a much smoother drive. Crews did similar work in areas to the north and south in 2009.

Crews replaced cracked and broken concrete slabs which were found primarily in two right lanes. Not only do these lanes see the most traffic, this is the area that was not part of the original I-5 plan and, as a result, were wearing at different rates. The uneven wearing lead to cracking and cracking lead to painfully bumpy rides. Replacing the broken concrete panels extends the life of the roadway and provides a smoother ride.