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I-5 Midway construction maps

Project limits
This project stretched more than three northbound miles from Military Road South to South 260th Street. Crews replaced concrete, smoothed the pavement, replaced signs, signs posts and guardrail. They restriped the entire section of the work zone. Drivers told us clear, bright striping was very important to them.

Grinding pavement
Crews smoothed all lanes of northbound I-5 with a specialized diamond grinder then restriped all the lanes with contrast striping. The work makes the drive better with fewer potholes, fewer cracks, fewer bumps and it is easier to see the lanes during rainy weather.


The interstate is made up of thousands of interlocking freeway panels. The panels measure 12' X 15' X 9" deep and are linked together by steel bars called dowel bars. These dowel bars keep the panels connected but still able to bend and flex slightly with the weight of traffic.