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I-5 - Fort Lewis/McChord Transportation Analysis Technical Review Committee

This study represents a shared plan between local partners to address safety and mobility issues on I-5. The study team will meet with a technical review committee to discuss findings, issues and options for I-5 throughout the study area. We will schedule our next meeting once the study team has finished collecting data in preparation for our next discussion with the committee.    



Agency Member
City of Dupont Bill McDonald
City of Lacey Dave Burns
City of Lacey   Martin Hoppe
City of Lakewood Dan Penrose
City of Lakewood Mel Perrussel
City of Roy Dick Roush
Clover Park School District  Delphie Nielson
Nisqually Tribe Joe Cushman
Pierce County Rob Allen
Pierce County Public Works Jessie Hamashima
Pierce County Public Works Gary Hendricks
Pierce County Public Works Shawn Phelps
Pierce County Regional Council Mike Lonergan
Pierce Transit                               Kelly Hayden
Tacoma-Pierce County Economic Development Chris Green
Thurston Regional Planning Council Thera Black
Puget Sound Regional Council Dirk Brier
Puget Sound Regional Council Robin Mayhew
Fort Lewis John Norgen
Fort Lewis Public Works Randy Hanna
Fort Lewis Public Works Steve Perrenot
McChord Airforce Base Gaylord Higa
McChord Airforce Base Thomas Sena
McChord Airforce Base Lang Tran
Office of Congressman Norm Dicks Ryan Dumm
Office of Economic Adjustment Amanda Fagan
Federal Highway Administration Wendy McAbee
WSDOT Bob Jones
WSDOT Mike Villnave
WSDOT     Richard Warren
WSDOT         Shuming Yan
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Meeting Date Highlights              Materials
April 22, 2009 Committee kick off meeting Meeting Agenda (pdf 50 kb)
Study proposal
(pdf 400 kb)            
Meeting Notes (pdf 41 kb)        
June 25, 2009 Goals and Objectives - Meeting #2 Summary Meeting Agenda (pdf 25 kb)
Meeting Notes
(pdf 29 kb) 
Screening Methodology (pdf 72 kb)   
Screening Evaluation (pdf 1.2 mb)
Literature Review (pdf 24 kb)
September 10, 2009     Existing conditions assessment, level one screening results    DRAFT Level One Screening Results (pdf 1.2 mb)
Assesment of Existing Conditions (pdf 39 kb)
Meeting Agenda (pdf 34 kb)
Meeting Notes (pdf 35 kb)
December 3, 2009     Project status update,  level two screening preliminary results Meeting Agenda (pdf 21 kb)
Presentation (pdf 2.2mb)
Level Two Screening Preliminary Results (pdf 3.6 mb) The TRC members have been asked to review this document with their respective management and decision makers. Further refinement of the options will continue during the first quarter of 2010.
Meeting Notes (pdf 52 kb)
Febuary 18, 2010 Project status update, level three screening results Meeting Agenda (pdf 19 kb)
DRAFT Level Three Screening Results (pdf 1.7 mb)
Meeting Notes (pdf 52 kb)
April 29, 2010 Project status update, review the draft report and executive summary Meeting Agenda (pdf 18kb)
Meeting Notes (pdf 34 kb)
Implementation Road Map (pdf 83 kb)
DRAFT Executive Summary (pdf 6.4 mb)
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