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Project Info

I-182 - Queensgate/Thayer Interchange Improvements


  • The eastbound loop on-ramp and auxiliary lanes are currently unfunded and remain in the preliminary stages.
  • The westbound loop off-ramp and auxiliary lane were completed in November 2005.

Why is WSDOT improving I-182 and the Queensgate Interchange?
Currently, I-182 between the Queensgate Interchange and Thayer/SR 240 Interchange is operating at or near capacity.

I-182, part of the National Highway System, is a critical travel route for both commuter traffic and commercial trucks carrying defense waste in the Tri-Cities area. I-182 provides access to and from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the new Vitrification Plant under construction, in addition to Richland business, industry, and residences. Commercial and residential traffic at this interchange has grown rapidly in the past ten years. The interchange provides the primary access to new housing developments and the expanding business district on West Gage Road.

The End Result
Once all phases are constructed, this project will provide an eastbound loop on-ramp at Queensgate Interchange on I-182. An auxiliary will be added in each direction of I-182 from Queensgate Interchange to Thayer/SR 240. The loop ramps improve the operation of the interchange by eliminating conflicting turning movements. Congestion at the interchange will decrease, and intersection-related collisions will be reduced.

Project Benefits

  • Safety. A new eastbound loop on-ramp will eliminate conflicting turns, and allow traffic to merge smoothly with the interstate traffic. The auxiliary lanes on I-182 will allow local traffic to move safely between the two interchanges, eliminating the conflict of slow moving traffic merging with 70 mph mainline traffic. Collisions and accidents will be reduced by eliminating traffic back ups on I-182 and improving the movement of traffic at and between the interchanges.
  • Congestion Relief. These improvements will also provide added capacity for freight (15.5 million tons each year), improved access to industrial property, and increased reliability and efficiency for public transportation. The auxiliary lanes are needed to increase the capacity of I-182 and ease congestion due to the heavy exchange of traffic on I-182 between the Queensgate and Thayer/SR 240 interchanges.

What is the project timeline?
WSDOT and the City of Richland recently completed the construction of the westbound auxiliary lane on I-182. The new lane was open to traffic in November 2005. The remaining phase - the eastbound loop on-ramp and eastbound auxiliary lane - is currently unfunded, and remains in the preliminary stages.

Financial Information

This Project is funded through the following sources:

  • Existing Funds - $2.3 million
  • Total Funding Available from all sources - $2.3 million
  • Unfunded Amount Remaining - $4.6 million

How can I get more information?
Project Engineer, Moe Davari
WSDOT South Central Region Project Office
1655 Fowler Street
Richland, WA 99352
Phone: 509.222.2402

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