Puget Sound Gateway Program - Funding and phasing study

In 2012, following two decades of project development, WSDOT began an effort to develop an integrated, sustainable approach to completing the SR 167 and SR 509 corridor connections to I-5 while relieving congestion and improving mobility between Tacoma and Seattle.

Specifically, the Puget Sound Gateway Project study:

  • Developed a program approach that efficiently integrates the SR 167 and SR 509 completion projects, along with I-5 express toll lanes.
  • Built stakeholder support by identifying a phased approach that
    met regional and statewide priorities and needs.
  • Included national and local experts who developed phasing concepts, cost estimates, project delivery and financing strategies.
  • Created an implementation plan to guide the Gateway project forward.

In spring 2013, WSDOT assembled a stakeholder committee consisting of representatives from local jurisdictions along SR 167 and SR 509 to gather input on corridor priorities related to phasing. Stakeholders agreed upon a phased approach that offers commuter and freight mobility benefits through added capacity and improved connectivity. 

Final Report (pdf 2.7 mb)
Executive Summary (pdf 578 kb)
Frequently Asked Questions (pdf  156 kb)

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