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How are we doing on the Legislature's "Nickel" Projects from 2003 and "Partnership" projects from 2005?

2005 Transportation Partnership Projects

The 2005 Washington State Legislature provided a 16-year expenditure plan to take care of some of Washington State’s most critical transportation needs. Over 270 projects will be funded by package that will make roads and bridges safer as well as ease choke points on the system. Learn more

Nickel Projects

Enacted for transportation by the 2003 Washington State Legislature. This list has been prepared by WSDOT from the project listing adopted by the Legislature in the Transportation Budget (ESHB 1163) and transmitted to the Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program from the Chairs of the Senate and House Transportation Committees on April 27, 2003.  Learn more.

Research Funding
programs through which you can apply for research funding

Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Federal Funding