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good to go - 100% electronic tolling
No Toll Booths

When the Tacoma Narrows Bridge opened last summer, Washington State launched an electronic tolling system called Good to Go! More than 70 percent of traffic using the new bridge travels non-stop at highway speeds without stopping at toll booths. Solo drivers on 167 can now use this same electronic tolling system to pay for a quicker trip on the HOT lanes.

The 520 corridor will use 100 percent electronic tolling – no toll booths at all. This means all traffic on 520 can cross without stopping to pay.

With Good to Go! electronic tolls are collected with a transponder, about the size of a credit card. Drivers install the transponder on the inside of their cars’ windshields. If you are on a tolled facility, an overhead antenna links the transponder to your account information, and deducts the correct toll from a prepaid account. Automatic replenishment allows you to easily manage your account by authorizing payments from your credit card or bank account when your account balance gets low.

To use this no toll booth technology, regular users must have pre-paid transponder accounts. However, we know that some vehicles will not have transponders or may be visiting from out of town. These vehicles will have their license plate photographed and can prepay or be invoiced for the toll, which will include an additional surcharge for processing the video. Transponder technology and license-plate recognizing cameras are used today as part of the Good to Go! program on the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge and at tolling facilities around the world.