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Tolling Choices

The committee's final report to the legislature (PDF) was submitted on January 28, 2009.The report highlights input the committee received about the ten different approaches to tolling 520 and I-90, as well as impacts on traffic, and a recommended approach to mitigation of traffic impacts from tolling.

Report Appendices

Appendix A: Legislation ESHB 3096 Appendix B: Outreach Events and Materials Appendix C: Travel Demand Modeling and Analysis Appendix D: Travel Demand Model Peer Review Appendix E: Active Traffic Management Appendix F: Toll Collection Technology Appendix G: Mitigation Recommendations for Diversion Appendix H: Discussions on I-90 Appendix I: Public Comments

The 520 Tolling Implementation Committee evaluated a variety of choices for tolling on 520. Using a peer-reviewed regional traffic model, the committee's technical staff evaluated the following tolling scenarios: