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Volunteer Groups

A big "Thank You" to our Volunteer Groups!

WSDOT is proud of the groups that have taken their time to pick up litter and keep Washington clean.

Litter Crews Ahead 

ABATE Tacoma Chapter's 20th Anniversary Road Cleanup For 20 years this group has been cleaning the side of a two-mile stretch along SR 7. You might of seen them in April along the roadway wearing their custom screaming orange 20th Anniversary shirts. This group is making big strides in keeping Washington green; they picked-up 70 bags of litter. Then, they finished the day off by going for Chapter ride.

Mount Rainier Volunteers  They picked up their section of roadway in April along SR 706. Standing (L-R) Crow Vecchio, Eve Dumovish, Jean Millan, Hoand and Linda Murtfeldt, and Phil Lusardi. Kneeling (L-R) Anna DeHann and Steve Wilson) not picture Jim Smith. 

  Community United Methodist Church takes part in Adopt-a-Highway
Community United Methodist Church takes part in Adopt-a-Highway  During their first clean up, the church group picked up 98 bags of litter in their three-mile section of highway. Even though they had picked up 98 bags, their whole section of highway wasn’t completely clean. They finished completing the clean up this last time they went out and picked up 40 more bags of litter. Learn more about this group at their Facebook page...  (2014)

Rotary Highway Cleanup Crew
The Rotary Club of Walla Walla is the first group to complete all four pick-ups this year in a four county area: Walla Walla, Columbia, Garfield and Asotin. In fact they went the extra mile and have done five pick-ups! They adopted SR 12, MP 337 to 339 in 2009. They have contributed over 242 hours of labor and filling 325 litterbags. (2013)

Photo: NPLD Litter Pickers
NPLD Litter Pickers:
 Back row, (L-R): Harry Millan, Kristyn Loving, Daren Sachet, Peter Paul and Pete Sabin Second row, (L-R): Jean Millan, Mindy Garvin, Sherry Paul, Amy Mann, Diane Sabin Kneeling, (L-R): Joan Hays, Crow Vecchio NPLD Litter Pickers, made sort work of litter along SR 706, between MP 2-4 . (2013)

Gene Wiggelsworth in front, kneeling.

The Genes: Gene Wiggelsworth in front, kneeling. 2nd row (L-R) Grace Teigen (scarf), Carol Ghaffari (black vest), Joe Gaffari (red sweater) 3rd row  (L-R)sPaul Dickson (tan shirt), Carol Dickson (hiding behind Grace), Rex Silvernail (white shirt), Lise Driggers (red shirt) Back row  (L-R) Matt Driggers (stripes) Dennis Wieder (red shirt) Donna Wieder (black shirt, behind Rex and Joe) Not pictured: Nick McCutchen. 
They adopted SR 14 in 2007 from MP .4 - 2.4. The group just finished a 3-day pick and filled a 100 bags! (2012)

Photo: Outkast Alliance AAH Volunteer Litter Crew
Outkast Alliance:
(Front L-R) Robert and Renee Stephenson (Back L-R) Brock Gudgeon, Damian McDonnel, Lynette Korfanta, Brent Perkins, Kathy Perkins, Merwyn Sargent, Dale Block (2012)

Port of Tacoma and ILWU Locals 22 & 23 
(Front L-R) Brenda Smith, Evette Mason, Bruce Koch, Dorcus Nepple, John Lacroix, Brittany Lacroix, Joyce Fultz (Back L-R) Scott Smith, Mike Kisak, Mark Beckham, Kevin Zinski, Jan Anderson,Skip Anderson. Chris Rawls. Taking the picture Mick Klase. They adopted SR 509, MP 1.87 to 3.88. (2012)