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As a sponsor your business hires a contractor to pick up litter six times per year.

  • Adopt a section of roadside (median, interchange, ramp or right of way).
  • Adopt-a-Highway sign with company name/logo placed at site for recognition (part of the sponsorship costs).

How does my business sponsor an Adopt-a-Highway program?

Businesses or groups can hire state approved contractors to pick litter on their Adopt-a-Highway section. This process is called sponsorship.

How does it work?

Contractors are companies who have employees who go out to pick up litter for the businesses (sponsors). The sponsors pay the contractors to do this.

How much does it cost to do a sponsorship?

It depends on how much the contractor charges to pick up litter and dispose of it. In addition, WSDOT charges a fee of $300-$900 for the highway sign - depending on the section of highway.

How do I know what is available for adoption?

You can look up what is available online or contact your  approved contractor for assistance.

What should we put on the sign?

The signs are intended to recognize your  business or group, not your message. Many simply have their name and logo on the sign. Only sponsored businesses or groups can have logos.

Interstates/multi-lane highways have signs with space for up to three lines of text with 20 characters per line.