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Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is the core technology service provider for WSDOT.   Services managed and maintained by OIT include all facets of technology;   from providing the computers, managing the software used by WSDOT to providing the technology networks we connect to.   OIT delivers the tools that help WSDOT work!

Want to know more about OIT Organizational Priorities? 
Check out the 2009-2011 Priorities List! (pdf 46kb)

Want to know more about the OIT Organization?   
Check out the WSDOT OIT Service Overview and meet the WSDOT OIT Management Team! (pdf 169kb)

WSDOT IT Portfolio

The IT portfolio is a compilation of information about WSDOT's investments in its IT infrastructure. The information is organized to show how these investments support WSDOT's mission and programs and demonstrates the relationships among current and planned investments. The portfolio enhances the ability of key decision-makers to assess the probable impact of investments on WSDOT’s programs and infrastructure, as well as on the overall state IT infrastructure. Check out the 2012 WSDOT IT Portfolio! (pdf 1.5mb)

Critical Application Project

A 05-07 Budget proviso, from the Washington State legislature directed WSDOT to develop a “financial and capital project system needs assessment for future automation development and enhancements”. The completed assessment identified options for a modernization strategy. The Final report for the project is complete and the recommendations will be presented to the transportation committees of the Senate and House of Representatives.