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White River Amphitheatre

White River Amphitheatre

Best Routes to the White River Amphitheatre

From the north:
Take I-405 south to SR 169
Go south on SR 169 22.5 miles to SE 400th Street
Go right on 400th Street five miles to SR 164

From the south:
Take SR 167 to SR 410 east
Go east on SR 410 15 miles to 244th Avenue SE
Go left on 244th Ave SE to SR 164
Drive west five miles on SR 164 to venue

The White River Amphitheatre occasionally provides shuttle service from the Auburn Super Mall. To reach the mall, exit SR 167 at 15th Avenue SW. Please check River Giver for shuttle information.

Tips On Making A Pleasant Amphitheatre Trip

  • Plan ahead and leave early
  • Carpool
  • Listen to local radio for real-time traffic updates
  • Use WSDOT’s 1-800-695-ROAD
  • Visit WSDOT’s traffic Web page  to monitor real-time traffic condition
  • Watch for Washington State Patrol and Auburn Police officers who will be directing traffic in the area (WSDOT will also have an Incident Response Team in the immediate area)

The Tribe Helps Reduce Traffic Impacts 

  • The Tribe will pay for the additional law enforcement staff needed to provide traffic control at intersections leading to the site, along with temporary signs and traffic cones. Funds are also earmarked for emergency response staff and equipment.
  • The Tribe will provide advance event schedules to nearby residents, farmers, businesses, and nearby communities.

Emergencies During An SR 164 Concert Gridlock

SR 164 connects Enumclaw Plateau residents to area hospitals. The traffic management plan in the project EIS anticipates the need for emergency vehicle access. According to the plan, local emergency service providers will be advised of the event schedule, emergency vehicles will be given priority service, and traffic control personnel at affected intersections would immediately stop all traffic to clear a lane for emergency vehicles. King County airlift services will also be available.

SR 164 Backing Into SR 18

During concert traffic it is possible for vehicles traveling eastbound SR 18 to SR 164 could back up onto SR 18. WSDOT will work with Washington State Patrol to review highway operations at this location. Efforts to reduce this impact could include uniformed officer traffic control at the exit ramp.

Parking Issues Near the Concert

The following measures help prevent street parking near the concert:

  • The concert promoter will include the cost of parking with each ticket and provide enough on-site parking to accommodate the expected demand
  • Local police and Washington State Patrol will enforce no parking zones along highways and roads near the site
  • Approximately 780 off-site parking spaces will be available


Comments on non-transportation related amphitheatre issues can be sent to:

June Boynton, Environmental Coordinator
U.S. Department of the Interior
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Northwest Regional Office
911 N.E. 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232-4169
Telephone (503) 231-6749
Fax (503) 231-6791