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Archive - Ramp and Roadway Report (Traffic Volume)

Ramp and Roadway is a report that provides a list of traffic volumes on major roadways in the Puget Sound area. The report dates back to 1976. It is published every other year by the Traffic Management Center (TMC).

Ramp and Roadway Reports by Year

2013 (6.3mb pdf)
(4.7mb pdf)
2010 (4.4mb pdf)
2008 (7.8mb pdf)
2006 (12.2mb pdf)
2004 (8.4mb pdf)
2002 (8.5mb pdf)
2000 (6.6mb pdf)
1998 (4.6mb pdf)
1996 (2.1mb pdf)
1994 (2.2mb pdf)
1992 (1.9mb pdf)
1990 (4.5mb pdf)
1988 (3.6mb pdf)
1986 (3.2mb pdf)
1984 (2.4mb pdf)
1981 (2.6mb pdf)
1976 (2.4mb pdf)