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Northwest Traffic Volume - Ramp and Roadway Report

Ramp and Roadway reports provide traffic volumes on major roadways and ramps in the Puget Sound area. The reports are put together by the Traffic Management Center (TMC) and published every year.

Ramp and Roadway 2015 (5 mb pdf)
The most recent version of Ramp and Roadways.

Ramp and Roadway 2014 (7.79 mb pdf)
Last year's version of Ramp and Roadways.

Archive of Ramp and Roadway (1976-2013)
Ramp and Roadway reports dating from 1976.

Ramp and Roadway Data Station Reference Guide (4.36 mb pdf)
The Data Station guide provides the names of each of our data stations. This information can save you time if requesting data from our sensor network.