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1st Ave South Bridge

1st Avenue South Bridge - Photos

Looking northbound on the 1st Avenue South Bridge

Looking southbound from the 1st Avenue South Bridge

The underside of the northbound span

A tugboat passes under the drawspans

Our bridge maintenance crews recently replaced this plate under the bridge. The new plate is bolted on to the bridge. Original work is all riveted into place.

This is the plate that broke. It was original to the bridge.

One of the big gears that operate the drawspan of the older bridge. When the span is opened, these gears begin turning and pull the bridge open. Workers clean off the grease every week and put fresh lubricant on the gears. The newer bridge is operated with hydraulics.

Inside the bridge tower. In the foreground you can see the control panel that operates the southbound bridge. The large book is a log of every opening, the type of boat, the direction and how long the opening lasted.

In the event the computer system that operates the drawspans fails, we have a backup system to open and close the bridges. We test this system at least once a month. Besides opening and lower the bridges, it also operates the safety gates and warning lights.

Seagulls and other wildlife regularly nest on the bridge. This seagull is nesting on one of the bridge walkways and squawks rather loudly when people get too close. If she gets too upset, the male seagull swoops in to help protect the nest.