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Artist Point - history of opening and closing dates

YearDate openedDate closed
2016June 23Oct. 14
2015May 14Nov. 1 
2014July 1 Oct. 23
2013July 1Sept. 30
2012July 24Oct. 16
2011*Aug. 5 (Only opened first mile to Heather Meadows visitor center.)Oct. 26
2010July 30Oct. 25
2009July 14Sept. 29
2008July 18Oct. 6
2007July 28Sept. 27
2006July 27Oct. 24
2005June 29Oct. 3
2004June 30Oct. 18
2003July 15Oct. 10
2002Aug. 9data not available
2001data not availabledata not available
2000data not availabledata not available
1999Never opened (world-record snowfall year)data not available