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The Transportation Data & GIS Office produces map products that are used by Federal, State and Local Government Agencies as well as the general public.

Maps For Printing: Our cartographic products provide a selection of printable maps of Washington State that are available for download in Adobe PDF format.

Map Applications: These provide a dynamic way to view and use WSDOT data by using just your web browser.

GIS Data: The geospatial data comes in several different file formats and depending on the data and the software you use, will determine what files you'll need. The GeoData Catalog is the source of these files and the formats are compatible with ESRI's ArcGIS software.

CADD Data: The .dgn files were digitized from the USGS topographic quadrangle maps. Each CADD file represents a 30 x 60 minute quadrangle at a scale of 1:24,000 and is compatible with Bentley's Microstation software. WSDOT has a large selection of files located on our FTP site for you to browse through as well as a Quad Map Index for those who need quadrangle files in .dgn format.



Maps For Printing (Pdf Format)


Milepost Maps

The milepost maps display mileposts along the state highway system at 10 mile intervals (5 mile intervals for the Puget Sound enlargement) as well as mileposts at the junctions of state highways, along with county and region boundaries, to the nearest one hundredth of a mile.


2016 Statewide View (pdf 1.6 MB)

2016 Puget Sound Inset (pdf 1.0 MB)

2016 WSDOT Regions - Series (pdf 5.1 mb):



State Base Maps

The state base map shows the state highway system, county boundaries and selected communities in two different sizes.  The Puget Sound enlargement base map shows the state highway system, county boundaries and selected communities in two different sizes, but at a larger scale than the statewide map.  The simple design allows for other highway information to be drawn on the map.

2016 Statewide View 11" x 17"(pdf 1.0 MB)

2016 Statewide View 24" x 36"(pdf 1.5 MB)

2016 Puget Sound Inset 8" x 11" (pdf 1.0 MB):

2016 Puget Sound Inset 18" x 24" (pdf 1.0 MB):




General Highway Map (State Wall Map)

The State Wall Map is a single-sheet map which  includes all of Washington State, selected road information, geographical  features and political boundaries.


2017 Statewide View (pdf 12.7 mb)

2017 Puget Sound View (pdf 6.4 mb)
(this has no legend, it pairs with the statewide map)

2017 Statewide and Puget Sound View (pdf 24.6mb)







Other Maps Available in PDF Format:

Freight and Goods (FGTS) Maps : Freight and Goods Transportation System (FGTS) maps are provided to display tonnage volume classifications on county roads, city streets, and state highways. The state and Puget Sound maps show a generalized view and the county, urbanized area, and town (rural city) maps show more detail.
Please visit the Freight and Goods (FGTS) home page to select from their list of maps.

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WSDOT Map Applications:

WSDOT Functional Class Map: This map reflects the Federal Functional Classifications for Washington State Public Roads.







WSDOT GeoPortal Map: This mapping application allows users to view and work with WSDOT data via web browser.







WSDOT Traffic GeoPortal Map: This mapping application allows users to view the WSDOT Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) via your web browser.








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