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Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity

Classroom Training in WA

  • Local Programs will offer training in measuring retroreflectivity and developing and managing programs to maintain minimum retroreflectivity levels. Join our Training ListServ to be notified when the training is available.


Sign up for a listserv. This is a great way to ask questions, exchange information, and build relationships with others involved with maintaining pavement maring retroreflectivity in Washington State and nationally.

Finding a Retroreflectometer

Borrow one from another agency.

  • Local agencies might be able to ask a neighboring agency to borrow one.
  • Traffic Services may be able to borrow one from another office.

Rent one or buy one

WSDOT does not necessarily endorse the following companies but provides the information for the benefit of local agencies. Contact the LTAP E-Learning Coordinator to have your company added to this list.

Companies that rent retroreflectometers:

Companies that sell retroreflectometers:

Hiring a Consultant

The consultants listed below are available for local agencies to hire for assistance with their Pavement Marking retroreflectivity programs. WSDOT does not necessarily endorse these consultants, but provides the information for the benefit of local agencies. Contact the LTAP E-Learnig Coordinator to have other consultants added to this list.

Mark Voigtsberger
Manager, Transportation and ITS Services
Premier Utility Services LLC
(516) 408-8312
(425) 381-7265

Technical Assistance

For questions, assistance, or recommendations on pavement marking retroreflectivity, contact the Engineering Services Specialist.

Laws, Rules, and Standards

Federal Safety Funding

Traffic Services administers Federal Safety Funding to local agencies. Your project may qualify to receive funds. Contact the Traffic Services Manager for more information.