2018 Highway Infrastructure Program (HIP)

(Federal Funding)

HIP Allocations


The 2018 Omnibus bill provided WA an additional $34.1 million of Highway Infrastructure funds apportioned as the STBG program (23 CFR 133(d)) for road and bridge projects. Typically, new funding is split at the pro-rata share for the current FFY – FFY 2018 63% WSDOT / 37% Local. Since this funding is based on the STBG program language, the Highway Infrastructure funds provided to WA are split $16 million (47%) WSDOT / $18.1 million (53%) Local.

Based on clarification by FHWA and other questions on the Highway Infrastructure Program (HIP) funds regarding eligibility, match and programming, below are the detailed requirements:

  • Eligible activities – only construction of highways, bridges and tunnels per 23 USC 133 (b)(1)(A). Construction includes design and right of way that directly relates to the construction of the roadway project. (23 USC (a)(4)) HIP funds are not eligible to be utilized on:
    • Rural minor collectors or local access,
    • Transportation alternatives, ferries, transit, etc.
    • Transportation planning and studies.
  • Projects must be identified in the STIP - fund codes are:
    • HIP(UL) – Over 200,000 population
    • HIP(US) – 5,000 population
    • HIP(R) – < 5,000 population
    • HIP – WSDOT projects
  • 13.5% match required
  • Funds must be obligated by September 30, 2021, or the funds lapse.
  • CFDA #20.205