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Watch our video on how to set up your Good To Go! account and install passes: YouTube Windows Media Player

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License Plate


   Good to Go Sticker pass
  • $5
  • Most affordable option.
  • Permanent sticker. Cannot be moved between vehicles
  • Adheres to windshield near the rearview mirror.
  • Sticker is about the size of a band aid.
      Switchable pass
  • $12
  • Mounts on windshield using Velcro backing.
  • Pass can be turned on or off by sliding tab to the on or off position.
  • Well-suited for those who use the SR 167 HOT lanes as a carpooler, as it can be turned on or off depending on the number of people in the car.
  • Pass is about the size of a candy bar.
   License Plate pass
  • $12
  • Mounts horizontally to the top of the front license plate using screws.
  • Beam-powered.
  • Chemical-resistant casing.
    Motorcycle pass
  • $8
  • Non-transferrable. Cannot be moved between motorcycles.
  • Removing the sticker renders the Pass useless.
  • Adheres to motorcycle headlamp with clear sticker backing.
  • Does not affect headlamp light or visibility.
  • Pass is about the size of a thick-cut French fry.