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How to read your Pay By Mail bill

To help you better understand your Pay By Mail bill, we created a legend to explain the bill. The example provided below is only an example and should only be used as a reference. If you have any questions about the bill, please call the number provided on your billing statement.

1. Customer Information
This section includes the name and address registered for your account.

2. Our Contact Information
Contact us for assistance if you have questions. You can contact us directly by phone, e-mail, fax or TTY. We will also call you if you visit our webpage, select Contact us and Click to Call. Customer service is available by calling 1-866-936-8246.

3. Bill Explanation
This section explains why you are receiving this bill and the bill terms.

4. How You Could Have Saved
Depending on the account type you select a Good To Go! account will save you as much as $1.50 per trip on the SR 520 bridge and up to $4.50 on Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Visit our account section to learn more.

5. Your Account Summary
This snapshot of your bill shows charges for the current period. Credits, previous charges, payments and the current balance due are also listed here. Please keep this top part of your bill for your records.

6. Billing Period
This section shows the period of time you have to pay your bill.

7. Sending in Your Payment 
Please allow sufficient time for your payment to reach us by the "PAYMENT MUST REACH US BY" date as indicated on your bill if you are sending your payment by mail. You can also pay your bill online or in person at a customer service center. 

8. Bill Stub
The stub lists the payment amount due and due date. A space to enter the amount paid is provided. The bill stub should accompany your payment if you mail it. Make sure to check the mailing address change box and complete the back of the bill stub if you have changed your mailing address or telephone number. You can also pay your bill online and provide us with your update contact information. 

9. Ways to Pay your Bill
This section provides you with more information about your payment options, our locations that receive payments and hours. 

10. New Toll Transactions
This section provides a detail of your toll transactions reflected in the bill.

11. Bill Dispute Form
You can dispute your toll bill for the following reasons -  the vehicle does not belong to you or it was stolen, rented, or sold before the toll was incurred. Complete this section and submit supporting documentation to the address listed on the form by mail. Please contact us if you have questions.